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Sunday the 1st of April



Happy Easter Sunday all. I thought I'd pop up a quick blog post this morning, as I prepare myself for another photo job over in Denmark tomorrow. This will be the second time I've been this year for RM Sotheby's, who, if you're not familiar with are quiet possibly the most prestigious car auctioneer in the world. 

I've previously posted shoots I've done for them on this blog, make sure you check them out below... 

I'm really looking forward to this trip. The last couple weeks have been pretty quiet, so it's good to finally have something sick come through. I'll be shooting two cars this time round, and potentially a couple more. One of these cars is pretty special, and it'll be the first time I've shot such car. I'm a little nervous as I've seen the setup I have to shoot within, which will require artificial lighting. I'm not the biggest fan of using flashes, although I have done in the past for extreme sports work, I've yet to use them on a car. I think if it's not done perfectly, and the flashes are just used as a mean to light the subject rather than compliment the car and build and image, I think they are pretty pointless. And as I don't have an amazing setup for lighting, I've always just shot naturally, which has always worked out for me. 

But it'll be a bit different on this shoot, so I've got a bit of a challenge ahead of me. However I'm always up for that, and I'm looking forward to seeing what I can produce on the day. 

Below, I've included some shots from my previous trip to Denmark, in which I shot a lovely little Ferrari 308 GTS. Here's a few of my favourite. 

RM Sothebys Ferrari 308 GTS Final Image-46.jpg
RM Sothebys Ferrari 308 GTS Final Image-41.jpg
RM Sothebys Ferrari 308 GTS Final Image-94.jpg
RM Sothebys Ferrari 308 GTS Final Image-127.jpg
RM Sothebys Ferrari 308 GTS Final Image-124.jpg
RM Sothebys Ferrari 308 GTS Final Image-59.jpg
RM Sothebys Ferrari 308 GTS Final Image-118.jpg

I was lucky enough to get to shoot in front of this lovely listed building, which made of a nice traditional Denmark background. I shot the car in about an hour or so, and narrowly avoided the rain. 

I'm shooting yet another Ferrari for my first car, but a little more modern, and is in fact one of my all time favourite Ferraris. But that's all I can say for now! I'm hoping I can top these images from my first Denmark trip. 

Thanks for reading as always. I hope you enjoyed looking at the images as well! Make sure you check out the rest of the website, there's some nice photographs to look at!

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Thursday the 22nd of March

Throwback Thursday Trip!

Hey guys. 

Hope everyone's doing well. Thought I'd pop a little post up this afternoon of some shots I stumbled across while sorting out my archive the other evening. 

Just before the end of the year I thought I'd treat myself to a quick trip away. One of my good friends was currently staying in Berlin for a month at the time, so I booked a flight out to visit him and go explore the city. I've previously been to Berlin, but it was only for a quick day shoot. So I didn't get the chance to fully immerse myself in the city and culture. 

We went around everyday, all day long shooting and seeing the sights. A highlight location, which I had previously visited on my 1 day trip to Berlin was an abandoned radio tower which had been taken over by a hippie community. The place is soooo rad. There's some incredible graffiti, along with some pretty impressive architecture. The last time I went, it was super busy, so I couldn't really take any photos of it, however this time round it was a complete ghost town, meaning I could finally snap some bangers. 

Berlin 2-7.jpg

I also had the chance to check out the holocaust memorial in the centre of Berlin, which was a really cool experience. Massive cement rectangles stand 10ft tall, making you feel belittled. It's quiet ere walking among the hundreds of them and its pretty maze like as well.

Berlin Instagram Image-2.jpg
Me Insta-4.jpg

I spent a lot of time on the german version of the underground while I was there as well. They have some seriously cool stations there, and the trains themselves are really oldschool, which I loved. At one of the stations there was a massive mirror placed at the end of the platform. I had an idea for a shot, set up my composition and settings as close as to what I thought would produce a banger. Only had one go at this, other I had to wait a while longer for my next train! Luckily I was able to pull it off. 

Berlin 3-8.jpg
Me fun fair.jpg

Here's a dope shot my friend took of me looking rather happy, in front of a dope photo spot we found whilst out exploring an abandoned fun fair. 

Just a quick one today, I've got another blog post to put up this week with loads more images than this one so check back soon!

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Thursday the 15th of March

Beast from the East!

Following on from the topic of snow. We recently had a bit of a dumping here in the UK, which was a right treat, because the last time it snowed here, I was on holiday in Berlin! So basically it became #nationaldrift day, as me and a bunch of mates spent the duration of the Beat from the East sideways in our cars! Here's a mix of snaps I took out and about in the whips. 

Snow Day Finals-3.jpg
Snow Day Finals-8.jpg
collage 2.jpg
MJ Drift Shots-2.jpg
Snow Day 2 Finals-13.jpg

I also made efforts to get out with the camera while it was dumping. I spent a couple hours over in Woburn, which is home to some pretty amazing forests. I went for a little walk with my mate Ben, and we shot some pretty nice stuff! 

Snow Day 2 Finals-19.jpg

I spent a couple hours over in Woburn, which is home to some pretty amazing forests. I went for a little walk with my mate Ben, and we shot some pretty nice stuff! I focused more on filming a little video, as I'm trying to make efforts to get back into filming for fun, and creating cinematic pieces. Using videography as a tool to push my career has been incredibly beneficial, but has unfortunately sucked the fun out of shooting video for me. So I'm trying to recapture why I first started filming videos, and it's working a little! I've attached the video below. Make sure you check it out!

Thanks for reading as always. Make sure you check out the rest of the website, there's some nice photographs to look at!

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Wednesday the 7th of March

Annual Trip To The Alps

The French Alps have always been a very special place for me. I've been lucky enough to have experienced the mountain lifestyle a lot while growing up (gotta big up my dad for that). I can't really put into words how much being in the mountains means to me. I guess it's kinda of a place of Zen for me. That and nothing really compares to snowboarding in fresh powder. Pure ecstasy.

Every year is without a doubt the highlight moment of my year, despite whatever happens, getting the experience to stand on top a mountain is a lottery winning experience for me. 

However I had a bit of a different trip this year...

A big part of the Alps Trip is the car journey there. I've previously drive once to the Alps, and this was to be the second time. This year we took two cars, my BMW E39 & my homies BMW E46. Both breezed the trip (to our surprise haha). 780 miles, 13 hours of solid driving. I was royally shattered, but watching my car drive on the road for half hour made up for the chore of a drive. 

France 2018 Final Photo-18.jpg

We arrived, and settled quickly into our rad little cottage you can see below. The balcony view was incredible!

France 2018 Final Photo-11.jpg

Why was this trip a little bit different from any of the previous ones I've been on?

I busted myself on the second day of the week long trip. Out of all the years I've been, and, I'll be honest, had pretty big crashes, (I like scaring myself and sending it BIG) I've always walked away unscathed.

What's most frustrating about the fact I ruined myself on day 2, is that I did it without even trying anything of mass difficulty. Not hucking some big ass jump or wiping out at 50mph. Nope I wrecked myself by crashing chest first into the ridge of a hidden fire road on a bit of off piste we were riding one morning. That brought my riding to a near stop. I was able to ride for the rest of the week luckily, but nothing more than turning. Seriously bummed is a massive understatement. And what's worse, is that after coming home from the trip, I found out I hadn't broken anything. Just a bruised lung and some pretty sore ribs. What a load of sh*t. 

After that I was on a bit of a downer for the rest of the trip, as you can imagine. However I still tried to make the most of it, and I still had my camera.

For some reason I don't really have a massive urge to shoot when I'm actually in the mountains. I honestly just prefer looking at them and feeling their presence. Obviously as a photographer, I do still make efforts to shoot while I'm there, it would be a shame not to. But photography is never the focus of these trips. It's about having some time off from shooting, having some fun snowboarding, and enjoying one of mother nature's greatest features.

Anyway here's a couple I took during the trip. 

France 2018 Final Photo-60.jpg
France 2018 Final Photo-12.jpg
France 2018 Final Photo-5.jpg

One mega thing to come from this trip was finally having my boy Ollie (pictured above) come along for the trip. I've been banging on at this boy for a good 3-4 years to come snowboarding. He finally bit the bullet, and I think it's fair to say from how much he enjoyed it, he's hooked for life. 

Here's one last final snap of the boys looking a little glum before leaving the valley for a 11 hour drive to Calais 

France 2018 Final Photo-38.jpg

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Thursday the 4th of January


What's up people. Been a minute since I've done a blog post! If you're a returning reader, thanks for showing some love and following what I do, and if you're new, welcome! 

As if its now 2018?! And my last post was in October? Damn. Been sleeping on this for a bit, but I've been hella busy towards the end of the year so I do apologies. But anyway. HAPPY NEW YEAR. Hope you all had a banging festive season...

So, today I want to take this blog time to actually talk about something that has played on my mind over the last year a fair amount, and it has quiet a lot of context to it. With 2018 here now, I feel like now's the right time take action on my thoughts over the past year.

I can imagine there are actually quiet a number of photographers who feel alike. And in fact this topic can transfer across to many things in life, not just photography. 

So I've titled this post 'So this is what being a photographer is?'. 

It's funny, unless you really understand photography and art, you'd think a large part of the artform is practical (maybe it is for some) but for the large part, it's theory for me. I'm not talking about writing essays, studying out of a book 'how to take a photograph' or any of that sh*t. I mean I spend more time thinking about photography then actually doing it. And it's because I've fallen into just working in the industry rather than for myself.

I'm still freelance, always will be. But I've let my focus shift from myself and my photography, to producing content for others. Shooting their ideas and subjects, not mine. I mean don't get me wrong. I am incredibly proud of the commissioned work I've shot for world class clients and the number of incredible opportunities I've been given. Maybe I'm being ungrateful, but when you're focused on things you can't reach because of where you currently find yourself, everything goes out the window. I just feel like my talent for shooting is meant for more then being another photographer in the industry. Somewhere along the line of becoming a professional photographer, I forgot about my original intentions when I really realised that photography was what I wanted to give my life to, and I got sucked into just making money and shooting what I was told to shoot. 

Photography is more than just seeing. It's feeling with the soul, and thinking with the mind. If these 3 things don't align when you're shooting, then you're missing the target. 

It's funny, why am I having to make a job out of my passion? Sounds silly really, because this is the dream for a lot of people. But it's actually ruining photography for me. 

What happened to shooting for fun? What happened to trying to create change? What happened to producing photography no one has ever seen, and pushing the very question of what art is? I can imagine my 16 year old self muttering those very words to me.

I always saw myself shooting to make an impact. I use to envision walking into galleries and seeing my work printed on massive scale with people looking at them in awe, just like I use to back when I was really starting to get a taste for photography and developing my perception on how I saw things. 

I distinctively remember flicking through a photo book by Dom McCullin in my college library, with my jaw literally on the ground. The experience was almost a photographic epiphany. McCullin saw the beauty in things that seemed unbeautiful, and I latched onto this ability and it blew me away. The more I delved into other photographers doing the same with different subjects, the more I got hooked. This is the sort of impact I want to have on someone in the future. Far fetched you might think, but if you aren't reaching for the stars in life, you're doing it wrong in my eyes. 

I want my work to mean something, not just to me, but to someone else. And this is what I mean by creating change.

"Art has the power to transform, to illuminate, to educate, inspire and motivate." - Harvey Fierstein 

Everyday I envision my future. And what I'm doing with photography right now, is something I don't think is necessary to achieving my hopes and dreams. Photo books and gallery worthy imagery isn't going to come from shooting pretty cars, or events. Its going to come from shooting utterly absurd ideas, photo projects that touch the heart, or moments in time that just seem too amazing to be real. 

I am engrossed in this mindset 24/7. I have so many amazing ideas, that I just write down, and never get to execute, because this 'professional' thing is getting in the way. 

You could argue that I have enough time to do all the other arty stuff in between, but truthfully I don't. I pull 2-3 shoots a week, and spend a day or two editing the content. Which leaves me with 2 days, which I want to fill with having fun with friends, working on my car, or riding my BMX. There is no urge to use that extra time to go shoot stuff for myself, because I'm bummed out about not being stoked on shooting. It's an endless cycle, which I'm willing to break.

Truthfully, I haven't taken a photograph that I've been seriously happy with in a good 8 months. A good image for me is when I sit back in my office chair after editing it, taking a second to analyse it and think to myself. 'F*ck I'm proud of taking that, that right there is art'. That feeling for me is what got me hooked on photography. I remember at times literally screaming with joy when I had taken a good photograph. It's like a drug for the soul.

So what, do I just drop shooting for clients and get back to shooting photos for the pure passion of photography? No because that would be stupid. To execute something like that instantaneously, you need financial backing, and truthfully I havent got that. You need to invest time in what you want, and time is money.

Luckily I've got a plan of action in place for this. I'm launching a brand very soon with my best friend in the hope to try make money off of something completely unrelated to photography in order to support myself so I can get back to shooting the things I really want to shoot, and begin working my way towards my photographic ambitions. And I'm actually really excited at the prospect of this. I've always wanted to start a brand, and I'm finally going to do it! 


I feel like the topic of what does a photographer mean, isn't spoken from a real level at all. When I was at college, all they did was was prepare us for a professional career in photography. Every lecture, workshop & book about becoming a photographer in this world is about becoming a 'professional'. But what does that mean? 

I thought I wanted to become a pro photographer, but all it has done is slow me down, and distract me from my real photographic goals in life.

I realise that this new journey I'm about to embark on may be a very long one. It could take 10 + years, and honestly I am not expecting to achieve my ambitions over night. But I don't want to be at the same stage I am in my career at 35 years old thinking 'Why the hell didn't I do it'? Why didn't I just send it and shoot what I wanted to shoot, and chase the real dream?' If I fail, I fail. I'm 23 years old, and it wont be the end of my world. I don't have a house, I don't have any debt, I don't have to put food on the table for a family, so really I have not ties to adult life at all. I'm a grown up kid essentially, and for someone who's had such a rich childhood, I never ever want to let go of that feeling of being free to do whatever I want. 

I didn't think I'd delve into this topic that deep on paper, but that in a nutshell is the battle that has been battling in my mind for the last year or so. Do I give up everything I've worked on so far for the last 3 years to start chasing the real dreams, or do I keep plugging away in the hope that I get a break in the industry. If you've read this then you know my answer. 

I doubt anyone really reads this blog, but if there's someone out there who did, thanks. And even if there isn't, this has helped me clear my mind and has really made me realise that I need to do photography for myself. No one else. Even if that means taking a step back in order to take two steps forward. 

Blog post over. I'm going for a drive. 



Wednesday The 18th Of October

So sticking with the theme of cars and summer (because that's all that's been known to me these last few months) the next big bit of work I covered was probably is probably a big highlight for my year. I was invited along to very prestigious car show, Salon Prive. This is considered as one of the biggest car events of the year, and you'll shortly see why. 

So what was I doing there? Well obviously I was shooting, but luckily for me I had three separate bookings over the course of the 5 days the event ran on. The first two were for two clients I've previously shot work for in the past, HR Owen Aston Martin & Bell Classics (a small Ferrari restoration business just down the road from where I live). However the third was a new client. I managed to secure a day working for Pirelli tyres which I was really stoked to land. One of the many goals I set myself each year is to pick up 2 or 3 new big clients, and I've smashed it this year already, but picking up Pirelli was a right treat! 

Before I show you my best shots from the show, let me just set the scene for you. 

The event is held at a bloody gorgeous location. Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire. This is by far one of the most beautiful locations I've visited here in the UK. You don't really get a scale for the size of this place through these photos, but let me tell you, it is huuuuuuge. The car show is part of a series called the Concours, and if you haven't heard of it, give it a google. You'll be gobsmacked by some of the cars featured in it. I've been to two in the past, but this one knocked it out the park. Some of the cars here were worth up to £30,000,000, and the rarity of these cars were in the single digits. You can image the sort of things that follow money like that. Lobster and champagne like it was crackers and water. Ridic. 


(c) Blenheim Palace

(c) Blenheim Palace

Aston Martin Final Images-34.jpg
Pirelli Final Images-83.jpg

So, now you've got an idea for how posh this event was about to be, here's some imagery of Aston Martin & Bell Classics cars. 

Aston Martin Final Images-13.jpg
Aston Martin Final Images-64.jpg
Aston Martin Final Images-22.jpg

So I got to hang round a GT12 and a Vanquis S all day. Not a bad day in the office at all! The GT12 is an absolute beast as well, a proper track toy if you've got the money for it. I know I dont! £250,000. There were some lovely other examples of Aston Martins knocking around the event site as well, a couple of original DB5s and a DB7.

Day 2 I was with Bell Classics all day, producing a video as well as shooting loads of promotional images of their cars, which featured: A 330GTC 2+2 Ferrari, Aston Martin DB5, and lastly a Ferrari 348 Competizone. Here's a couple of my favourite from the day, as well as the video I produced for them! 

Bell Classics Final Images-63.jpg
Bell Classics Final Images-38.jpg
Bell Classics Final Images-19.jpg

Make sure you check the video out above! 

So that leaves use with our third and final day at Salon Prive for Pirelli. Again producing a video and stills of their featured cars, branding and general lifestyle images from the event. Even though I was shooting cars, a big focus was obviously the tyres (duuhhhh) so I tried to find as many intersting angles as possible to shoot the tyres and wheels on the car. 

Pirelli Final Images-69.jpg
Pirelli Final Images-65.jpg
Pirelli Final Images-70.jpg
Pirelli Final Images-31.jpg
Pirelli Final Images-25.jpg
Pirelli Final Images-33.jpg
Pirelli Final Images-49.jpg

That concludes Salon Prive. Overall I'm really pleased with how the three days went, and I thoroughly enjoyed being apart of such an insane event. I can't even really describe the feelings I get from being around cars like these, its such a tease shooting these whips and not driving them though! I aspire to own something as rad as a F40 or the 348 competizione (the two red cars above) one day, that's why I'm trying to work my t*ts off! 

If you actually read my stuff, thanks for taking time out of your day to do so!

Drop me a follow and some comments over on my social media platforms and let me know what you think! 





Friday The 13th Of October

So the next big shoot I had during summer was something I didn't think would eventually happen. I'd discussed shooting a Bentley Bentayga around London for a day with Jack Barclay (Bentley Showroom in Mayfair), but it had been cancelled a few times, so I didn't think the opportunity would happen. 

However! During June I finally got to film the car on a beautiful Sunday. We started bright and early at 6am, and I have never experienced London so quiet and calm as that day. We spent a couple hours shooting the more well known landmarks of London whilst it was quiet, this included: Westminister Bridge with Big Ben, Tower Bridge, London Bridge with the Shard in the background, Buckingham Palace and a few other locations. The idea of the project was to capture the lifestyle of a Bentley Bentayga. Our storyboard was relatively simple. Document the Bentley driving around famous landmarks, and try capture the lifestlye of a Bentley Bentayga owner. So we implemented some lifestyle elements into it, like grabbing a coffee and driving in the countryside etc. 

If you're interested in what the final product looked like. You can watch it below! 

You can see from the video how lucky we were with traffic and the weather. A really enjoyable shoot, and a great team to work with. It's shoots like this that feel like an absolute breeze and make me love me 'job'! 

Thanks for reading guys, next blog post coming real soon! 


Thursday The 12th Of October

Right, so this summer I wanted to really focus on my automotive work, and that's exactly what I did. Being a petrol head, I found it very easy to transition my style of work into shooting automotive stuff. I've been producing work for one main client this year, being HR Owen, however as enjoyable as this work is, it's usually with modern cars, and in static positions. I don't have much control over how the car is positioned etc.

So I made efforts to get in contact with various magazines, brands and car retailers, in the hope of shooting much more interesting cars (I much prefer my older cars, they just seem to have so much more character than all these new advanced luxury and sport cars), and hopefully with some of them in motion! 

After sending out dozens of emails, I managed to get some work booked with two new clients. The first being RM Sothebys, who I've already mentioned here on this blog. Over the course of summer, I was lucky enough to shoot 6 cars for two very special auctions. Luckily for me, everyone of these cars was a classic Ferrari. Lucky for me! 

I covered these cars across 4 shoots. The first which I've already posted about was this beautiful 330GTC, and this gave me my real first taste of shooting cars properly. I sourced a location, shot to a strict brief and finally got to shoot a car in motion on a commissioned job. Here's a favourite image from the shoot. 

Image 1 (6 of 79).jpg

So after this little shoot, I was booked again to shoot 3 different Ferraris. Not having a clue what I was about to get my hands, I turned up to a farm in the middle of Reading. I entered a warehouse, and I was met with three incredibly clean classic Ferraris. A 348gts (which only has 300KM on the clock!!!) a Daytona Plexi & a 250 GTE which was absolutely stunning. This shoot will always have a lasting impression on me, because I was graced with the keys and given a location down the farm track to shoot at. Which meant I got to drive these beauts! I mean I only drove them at about 10 mph, but the responsibility of being handed a set of keys to around a million pounds worth of car is defiantly something! I parked two of the cars by a little gravel car park and went about shooting them. 

Image 1 (45 of 164).jpg
Image 1 (36 of 164).jpg
Image 1 (121 of 164).jpg
Image 1 (116 of 164).jpg

Two very beautiful cars, but I mentioned there were three right? Well I didn't get to drive this last one (348GTS) because of its incredibly low mileage, which left me only one way to manoeuvre the car. PUSH IT! Now this wasn't as straight forward as I thought, a) there were only two of us on hand to move this b) there were very slight gradients, which made it incredibly hard to push. But we got it done, and got some great shots! 

Image 1 (56 of 164).jpg
Image 1 (52 of 164).jpg

Unfortunately I didn't get to shoot any of these in motion, but just getting to be around these cars was an honour. All three of these cars featured in an incredibly special auction, commemorating 70 years of Ferrari. I politely asked for a copy of one of the auction books, but little did I know I was going to receive something quiet like this. Below are a couple images of these shots in print. What makes this so special is that this book is styled like a certificate of authentication which you receive when you purchase a Ferrari (a very clever way of advertising the auction!) I've never really felt blown away seeing my work in print (it is cool to see my images in print, but this was a once off thing which I'm unlikely to see my work used in such away again). Check out the images of the auction book below! 


Pretty sick right!? I shot another two cars after this shoot, each on separate occasions. The first was a very straight forward meet up with the owner of a Ferrari 400i, which is a rather peculiar looking Ferrari. It almost resembles an old Toyota or something Japanese, It's regarded as one of the ugliest cars Ferrari have ever produced, but its also the first Ferrari to ever feature an automotive gearbox which was quiet a cool little fact to learn about while doing my research on the car before shooting it. 

This car was shot for RM Sothebys again, but for their London Auction, rather than the Ferrari Special. Here's a little shot from the shoot and a snap of the car in print.  

Rear Of Daytona (6 of 60).jpg

And lasty, which is another car that featured in the Ferrari 70th Anniversary auction, was a very special car. A 400i but with a twist. This one belonged to the legendary Keith Richard, who was the lead singer and front man of the Rolling Stones. I didn't know this until I was asked to shoot the itinerary the car comes with, which featured his original address & his signature. Pretty damn cool to think that Keith Richards would have been sat in the very same drivers seat I had sat in to shoot the steering wheel. Here's a couple shots of the car and its lovely blue interior. 

RM Sotheby's 400i 2 Finals  (12 of 79).jpg
RM Sotheby's 400i 2 Finals  (36 of 79).jpg

So that concludes one of the many things I've done this summer, and I'm incredibly proud to have shot work for RM Sothebys. Hopefully I'll get to shoot some more work for them in the near future! 

If you liked the photos, you can follow me on @ishootauto or @lenzkillah, which I regularly update with images from recent photoshoots, just like these ones! 

As always, thanks for reading, it's really appreciated! 


Wednesday The 8th Of October

Yo guys! 

It has been a minute to say the least since I've done a blog post! Hence why I'm here writing this right now. I could reel off a line of excuses as to why I haven't posted since August, but lets not dwell on that haha. 

But I haven't just been sat on my ass! No no no. In fact this has probably been my most successful summer as a photographer/filmer. I've covered dozens of shoots, upped the quality of my video work massively (thanks to a recent purchase of a Sony A7sii) and picked up 3-4 new clients which I'm very proud of! 

I'm going to post individual blog posts relevant to each big shoot I've tackled during this summer, so check back in the next day or so and you'll see what I've been shooting over the last couple months! 

As always, thanks for reading. 

If you want to keep up to date with what I shoot, instagram is probably the best place to follow me, which is @lenzkillah. 


Thursday The 3rd Of August

Back again. I've just been given permission to post some images from a shoot I did last week with a beautiful classic Ferrari, specifically a 330 GTC shot for RM Sotheby's who are one of the kings of car auctions. I shot the car at Henley On Thames, and luckily sourced a location that was close to the river. Now this was my first job for RM so I was a little nervous, but I always take that as a good thing because it means I care. I had a couple hours to shoot the car, first starting with static shots, and then a couple of rolling shots (by far the best thing about shooting cars). 

Here's what I shot!



Tuesday The 1st Of August

Hi guys,

Just a quick one. Uploaded the full edit I produced for HR Owen Ferrari last week. Click the video below and check it out! Really happy with this one. 



Friday the 21st of July

Whats going on people! 

I've had a pretty eventful week, and shot some really nice stuff, so I thought I would upload a little blog post with a couple of images and a short bio of what I've been up to! So this year, but more importantly this week, marks the 70th anniversary of Ferrari. So over the past two days I've been shooting a couple of events alongside HR Owen & Ferrari. The first was a car meet with 70 Ferraris at Waterloo Place in central London. A fantastic array of cars turned up, as well as hundreds of people to send the cars off on a convoy to Slough, where they would meet for lunch. My job for the day was to cover both photography and videography of the event. I shot some really strong photographs, but my focus of the day was to produce a cinematic video. I'm really chuffed with what I've produced. I'll be uploading the video to my youtube later this evening. 

The 2nd event was Ferrari hosting a party at their London Showroom in Kensington, I spent the evening snapping and filming guests as well as some pretty special cars on display. Two F1 cars from 2008 and 2012 I believe, sat outside the front doors of the showroom, which I was obviously drooling over. I haven't had the chance to see any F1 cars up that close, the aerodynamic design of them is insane! Vents and diffusers everywhere. The 2nd special car on display, which was one of the main cars on the convoy event the day before, was a Laferrari Aperta. I'm not a massive fan in all honesty, it's cool dont get me wrong, the rear end on it is evil, but just something about a lot of modern Ferraris don't really interest me. Now if we're speaking classics, then thats where my soft spot is. The last car on display at the showroom, was a 812 Superfast, which was first unveiled at the Geneva Motorshow, and is yet to have stepped foot on UK Roads. 

I hope you enjoy the images, and check back soon for more updates on my work! 



Saturday the 15th of June

Evening all. Thought I'd put up a couple links to a few videos I've recently posted on my youtube channel this week. The first features my very first tutorial, in which I teach you guys how to edit your photographs to a professional standard, using a combination of a couple of software packages and a few personal techniques I use in order to achieve great edits on my images. Go check the video out, and let me know what you think in the comments! 

The second video, which I just uploaded yesterday, features a collection of photographs and a round up video of my day at Heveningham Concours last weekend. If you read my previous blog post you'll see the sort of cars that were on display. The video shows off my shooting process, and my exploration of the event. If you watch the video, and frequently use Youtube, subscribe to my channel! 

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Monday the 10th Of July

Yo! Hope you all had a good weekend. Thought I'd drop another blog post up on the site before heading into London this morning for shoot. I was lucky enough to attend a very special event on Saturday by the name of Heveningham Concours, which is a world famous automotive event which features in the Concours d'elegance series. The event was held at Heveningham Hall in Suffolk, a stunning privately owned estate by British billionaire property entrepreneur Jon Hunt. I was invited along by my good friend Ben who's grand father had a car in the show. An Alpha P3, an incredibly rare classic race car which he restored a number of years ago. 

I won't blab on too much as the images speak for them selves, but this was by far the most enjoyable event I've been to this year, and I wasn't working which was a huge bonus! The event wasn't over crowded which really helped with my images, as this is usually a big factor in spoiling images. I spent the day meeting new people, drinking champagne and shooting priceless cars. Not a bad Saturday at all!

I'll be uploading a video of my day out some time this week after my latest video airs tonight. Be sure to check my channel out to watch it!

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Friday the 7th Of July

So after what seems to have been a very very long time, I finally have a website! Absolutely chuffed to at last have a home for all my work, and also somewhere I can blog about my day to day experiences as an artist.

So I guess this is sort of an introduction to my website blog. I've previously blogged for a number of years on Tumblr, but I've decided to make the transition over to my website, so that all my content is under one roof. I'll be blogging weekly about various topics such as what recent work I've been up to, recent photographs, events, current photographic affairs, and talking about my love for photography and art as a whole.

If you haven't already done so, check out the various portfolios of work on the site, there's something for everyone to enjoy! 

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RM Sothebys Ferrari 308 GTS Final Image-67.jpg
RM Sothebys Ferrari 308 GTS Final Image-18.jpg